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MASSAchusetts prenuptial agreements

A Massachusetts prenuptial agreement has to be fair and reasonable both when it is signed and when it is enforced.

A valid prenuptial agreement requires full disclosure of income, assets and debts. Financial statements should be attached to the agreement.

The best practice is for each person to hire their own experienced Massachusetts family lawyer to negotiate and draft the prenuptial agreement. When each party is represented by their own attorney, you improve the chances that a judge will uphold the validity of the prenuptial agreement if it is challenged in the future.

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Mr. Mwangi is a responsive and aggressive lawyer.

In his Massachusetts family law practice, attorney Mwangi has extensive experience working on prenuptial agreements and counselling clients going through divorce. Attorney Mwangi is a participant in the Children and Family Law Trial Panel of the Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services. He has also represented indigent clients pro bono in the Suffolk and Middlesex County Family and Probate Courts as a participant in the Senior Partners for Justice program of the Volunteer Lawyers Project.

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Attorney Mwangi is an experienced litigator and counsellor.
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Attorney Mwangi is an experienced Massachusetts family lawyer.

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